Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2go gel safe?

Yes, 2go gel is safe.  Each  2GO GEL Clip-On Hand Sanitizer contains 50mL premium, bio-based, alcohol hand sanitizer.

2go gel is made in Canada and meets all Health Canada, FDA, and CFIA (food-grade) antiseptic guidelines.

Will 2go gel protect against COVID-19?

2go gel contains 70% ethyl alcohol. This is the recommended level of alcohol required to kill 99.9% of all germs, including COVID-19.

Does 2go gel affect skin?

2go gel is Water based sanitizer gel. Containing multiple moisturizers to prevent hands from drying out, keeping skin in great shape. Even with multiple applications, the fresh light citrus scent made with all-natural orange flower oil is soft on hands. Strong on germs.